5 Amazing Butterflies ...

By Aprille

Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes. There are varieties that have nearly every color of the rainbow and some that are able to blend in with the dullest tree bark around. I’ve always been fascinated with the brightly colored types. Here are 5 amazing butterflies that I’ve come across and hope to actually see in the wild some day.

5 Sparkling Cherub

Sparkling Cherub For such a small butterfly, this little one really puts on a show! The wingspan of the Sparkling Cherub is a little over 2 inches and sometimes closer to 3 inches. The outer edges of the wings and body are a dark brown or almost black. The inner portions of the wings are an iridescent blue with light and dark portions that seem to shimmer all on their own.

4 Arcius Swordtail

Arcius Swordtail The first time I saw a picture of this butterfly, I had to make sure it was actually a photo and not a painting. The amount of color and the way it is placed on the back of this butterfly is almost unreal. Dabs of bright blue color run down the long tails and on the upper portion of the body. Splashes of orange where the tails and wings meet and some random white streaks running down the wings at odd angles also add to this fascinating butterfly.

3 Papilio Elwesi

Papilio Elwesi While the upper portion of this dark grey butterfly appears to be rather drab, the lower parts of the wings are dotted with bits of orange with black centers. The lower wings are also blacker and have a scalloped edge to them. These large butterflies are from China.

2 Red Lacewing

Red Lacewing The outer edges of this butterfly’s wings are gently scalloped to make the butterfly appear to be even more delicate than it already is. This little butterfly is a native of Southeast Asia. The potion of the wings that are attached to the body is a gorgeous orange-red that is noticeable from quite some distance. The black coloring that meshes with some of this orange color almost looks like they are running together, like wet paints.

1 Chinese Three-tailed Swallowtail

Chinese Three-tailed Swallowtail This species of butterfly is rare and found in China and Tibet. The main portion of the wings are a light brown with faint with white stripes that look as if they have been drizzled on like melted white chocolate. The lower portion of the wings looks like they’ve been dipped in dark chocolate. The coloration of this butterfly makes it seem more like a decoration for a wedding cake than a wild creature.

If you are interested in butterflies, you can easily attract them to your garden by planting flowers that are a food source to many different kinds. Are there certain butterflies that you’d like to see in your lifetime? What do you find to be the most interesting aspect of a butterfly?

Top Photo Credit: yadavop

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