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5 of My Favorite Vines ...

By Aprille

Vines are a great way to add color to a fence, around the front porch, to cover and old rundown shed, or to create an interesting art piece in the garden. Although vines tend to have a mind of their own and can sometimes take over more area than you’d planned on being covered, I think vines are an excellent plant to have. Here are 5 of my favorite vines of all.

5 Honeysuckle

I remember this vine growing alone the fence next to my house when I was a little kid. My friends and I would spend hours picking the tiny white and yellow trumpet-like flowers off of it. We’d tediously suck the minute amount of nectar out of each one until we became bored. As an adult, I love watching the hummingbirds do the same thing!

4 Black-eyed Susan Vine

I encountered this vine on accident one day when I was perusing the local hardware store’s plant section. I needed something for my mom’s birthday and came across this vine hanging in the corner of the store. I was thrilled to see that the flowers looked remarkably similar to the Black-eyed Susans my mother loved. The flowers are very intricate and no larger than a quarter.

3 Passion Flower

My dad grows this in his front yard every year. This vining plant winds itself around the pole supporting the Purple Martin house he erected a few years ago. The flowers are extremely exotic looking. The blossoms on the variety he has are a deep purple with a center that is closer to magenta than purple. Each petal looks as if it has been meticulously rolled by hand.

2 Cypress Vine

This flowering vine is one of the newest ones I’ve come across. Once the leaves begin to emerge, the plant looks like it is of the evergreen variety. Each flower is shaped like a miniature star. Some vines have only pink blossoms, while others have pink, red, and white blooms all on the same plant.

1 Wisteria

I love how this vine can be formed to look like a small tree, with a little help of a sturdy stake or pole. The blossoms are so fragrant that hummingbirds and bees seem to come from miles around. When I was very small, my parents had planted this vine along the edges of the front porch. By the time I’d reached high school, the entire porch was shaded by large purple blossoms and thick vines. What a beautiful sight!

In case you are looking for some vines that are easy to find and just as easy to grow, the 5 on this list fall into both of those categories. I find that vines are an excellent way to spruce up any part of the yard in no time at all. What types of vines have you seen that you’d recommend to others?

Top Photo Credit: Scoonie

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