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5 Tips on Keeping Your Pond Water Clean ...

By Aprille

I’ve always enjoyed the calming atmosphere that a garden pond creates. Even if you don’t put any fish in the pond, it can still be a relaxing addition to any garden spot. For ponds that do have fish, keeping the water clear and fresh is very important. Here are 5 tips on keeping your pond water clean.

5 Keep the Surface of the Water Free of Debris

Ponds that are located under trees and shrubs will have to be cleaned out regularly, in order to keep leaves from accumulating on the bottom of the pond. When leaves and plant particles are allowed to sink to the bottom, they rot and begin to smell.

4 Change the Water Often

Having fish in a pond usually means the water needs to be changed more often than a pond without fish. This doesn’t require you to empty the entire pond daily, but it should have at least two-thirds of the water removed at least once a month.

3 Eliminate Algae Growth

A pond situated in direct sunlight will have more algae growth than a shaded pond. Algae thrive on sunshine and heat, among a couple of other factors as well. If you can keep the algae from coating the sides of the pond and the water’s surface, then you should have much cleaner water.

2 Check the PH Level Regularly

The pH level can be a determining factor with foggy water. Fish give off ammonia as a by-product, which can make the water very cloudy. Some fish give off more than others. This usually means the water has to be changed more often.

1 Buy a Good Filter the First Time around

Trying to save money is a desired goal for most people, but being cheap about things is completely different. If you truly want your pond water to be as clear as possible, then buy a good filtration system and don’t settle for the cheapest one around.

Ponds that are well thought out usually function properly for many years. If you are unsure about how to go about making a successful pond, try doing a bit of research first. Do you already have a garden pond? What made you want to add this to your yard?

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