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5 Tips on Getting a Handle on the Mess ...

By Aprille

Gardening is the most fun when everything is nice and organized and easy to work with. If you find yourself battling disarray, then you might find the following tips very useful. Here are 5 tips on getting a handle on the mess, whether it’s weeds or unruly tools.

5 Overgrown Weeds

Letting weeds get out of control only makes it more difficult to get rid of them later. Pull weeds as soon as they appear or apply some type of barrier to keep them from emerging at all. Thick layers of mulch around plants and along garden rows will help prevent weeds from popping up around the garden. Applying weed killer is another option.

4 Excess Leaves

When the house is surrounded by deciduous trees, chances are you are going to have to rake leaves before you can get the garden planted. Even though these might seem like a huge pain, think of the leaf matter as useful gardening material. They can be run through a chipper or the lawnmower can be passed over them to make them small enough for composting. Chopped leaves can also be used as mulch.

3 Unorganized Gardening Tools

Have a central location for tools or better yet a small shed to store everything in. It’s a huge headache to try to find a tool you need when gardening season is in full tilt. Check tools in the fall to see if any need to be repaired or replaced. Most gardening implements are on sale in the fall, which is the perfect time to buy new ones.

2 Tangled Garden Hose

Inexpensive garden hose hangers can be purchased and hung on a fence, garage wall, or on the house next to the water spigot. You can also use a 5-gallon bucket to store a loose garden hose in. This works best for short garden hoses. You might find it easier to contain a longer hose inside a small metal trash can or something similar in size.

1 Loose Seeds and Random Packets

Store seeds for similar plants in baggies together or with a rubber band. Loose seeds can be placed in empty spice jars, making them easier to distribute when it comes time to plant. If you don’t care how they are organized and simply want to keep them all in the same place, put them in a bucket and place them in a dry location.

These tips should help you get control over a few issues many gardeners have dealt with in the past. What additional tips do you have for gardeners on this subject?

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