5 Herbs to Help a Sore Throat ...

By Aprille

Having a sore throat is no fun at all. I always feel a bit grouchy when I have a sore throat. I’ve come across 5 herbs to help a sore throat and thought I’d share them with you. Maybe you’ll find something about an herb you’ve overlooked in the past.

5 Sage

My mom uses a throat spray that contains sage. Be sure to only use a spray that is designed for use in the throat. Other types can greatly irritate your throat, instead of making it better.

4 Honeysuckle Flowers

These are hard to find, unless you live near a Chinese herbal store or can buy them online. Take one cup of the dried flowers and steep in a quart of boiling water. Let the steeping take place for 10 minutes and be sure to cover the container the flowers and water are in. Strain out the flowers and drink the tea.

3 Slippery Elm

The inner bark of the tree is used and mixed with water. This inner portion contains mucilage that coats the throat. Of course, once the throat is coated, irritation is reduced. I’ve found lozenges that contain slippery elm to be the most effective.

2 Marshmallow

Now, I’m not talking about the cute little puffs of fluff that you buy in the baking section at the grocery store. Marshmallow is an herb that also contains mucilage and the roots are used in teas. Drinking three cups a day of this tea will greatly help your sore throat.

1 Licorice

Sucking on a Twizzler won’t do the trick, you’ll need the actual herb licorice to get any relief. I have tea that is made from licorice and it is actually called Throat Comfort. If you have high blood pressure, then it’s best not to consume tons of licorice. It is known to increase blood pressure and cause headaches when used in excess.

Did you know that these herbs help you get rid of your sore throat? What do you usually do for your throat when it’s feeling sore? I’ve used these herbs for not only myself, but also for my family. I’ve even suggested them to friends and they still use them when necessary.

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