Speak the Language of Flowers 💐 by Learning the 7 Meanings 🗯 of Rose 🌹 Colors 🎨 ...


When you next receive or send a bouquet, you might want to give some thought to rose colors and their meanings. Did you know that every rose color has a special significance? That’s what makes them so significant for certain occasions. Here are the rose colors and their meanings.

1. Red Roses

red, clothing, flower, organ, petal,

When it comes to rose colors and their meanings, there is one that is no secret to any of us. There’s no wondering why the world’s supply of red roses is severely depleted on Valentine’s Day. The red rose is the symbol of love. It is dramatic and bold and the ultimate symbol of romance and passion. Don’t think it’s a cliché if your partner presents you with red roses – he/she too knows they are emblematic of love.

Yellow Roses