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So, let’s say you live in an area where there is little to no soil or in an apartment located in a busy city. You think that gardening is something that you’d never be able to do, right? Well, what about hydroponics? If you don’t know what hydroponics involves, then read on and see if it’s something that might interest you enough to get involved in.

The hydroponic technique involves using an alternative medium to grow plants. Instead of needing dirt, scientists have found out that plants only need some type of medium and a nutrient solution go grow. This means that just about anything can be used to grow plants; Styrofoam pieces, gravel, lava rock, sphagnum moss, and clay granules.

Sir Francis Bacon actually talked about hydroponics in his book that was published in 1627. It wasn’t until 1699 that experiments began being carried out with spearmint plants. One thing led to another and other scientists started adding to this experiment. By the time 1978 rolled around, the nutrient-rich solution was finally created. The close relative of this solution is still used today.

There’s no limit to the types of plants that can be grown with hydroponics. There’s no soil needed, high yields are produced, water is constantly circulated through the system and reused, nutrition levels in the solution can be controlled completely to keep cost lower, and no pollution is put into the environment from pesticides. Not having dirt and pests to contend with inspire many people to start a garden using hydroponics.

The only downfall that is occasionally present is the growth of salmonella, due to the high humidity and fertilizer used for hydroponics. This is an absolutely amazing process that can be used anywhere. Have you had any experience with hydroponics? Would you be interested in starting your own garden using this process? Feel free to share what you think!

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