7 Unique Planters to Perk up Any Dreary Space ...

If you’re looking for a fresh, fun way to decorate your home, these unique planters will have you giving two green thumbs up. While digging in the garden can be a relaxing activity, not everyone is afforded the space for the vegetables, fruits and flowers. So if you’re lacking a garden, or find yourself missing the gardening season when the colder months come rolling in, keeping a few unique planters in your home can spruce up your space and your mood.

1. Dinosaur Planter

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A simple search on Etsy.com yields thousands of results for unique planters. This selection of dino planters from the Boy-Girl Tees shop has some real bite. These hand painted repurposed toy dinosaurs are the perfect size planter for your child’s bedroom, play area or as a whimsical desktop addition to your home office. Each and every re-designed dinosaur planter includes a tiny Tillandsia air plant. This is one evergreen planter that won’t go extinct any time soon.

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