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5 Unique Lilies ...

By Aprille

I’ve always adored lilies. I never knew there were quite so many different ones until I received a flower catalog with an entire section dedicated to lilies. These are 5 unique lilies I found among those pages and I hope you enjoy reading about them. I would love to add each of these to my own flower garden some day.

5 Adios Nonino Lily

The portion of each petal where they attach at the center of the flower is tinged with a deep purple. About halfway towards the tip of each petal, the purple becomes flecks on the white background and abruptly fades to white. These lilies are some of the first ones to blossom each summer and grow to be around 3 feet tall.

4 Miss Lucy Lily

Bright white and spreading to a diameter of 6 inches, these lilies are the world’s first double Oriental lily. They have 24 petals and they are pollenless. They reach a height of 30 to 36 inches. These are an excellent lily to pick for an indoor bouquet being given to someone with severe allergies. Due to the lack of pollen, anyone can enjoy these marvelous lilies.

3 Anastasia Lily

Have you ever seen a 6 foot tall lily? This variety reaches a height of up to 6 feet and produces blooms around 7 to 8 inches in diameter. Each hot pink flower emits a spicy-sweet scent as well. The tips of each hot pink petal have a light pink tint and the center where all petals meet is a lime green. These are definitely lilies that will make heads turn.

2 Shocking Lily

The contrasting colors of this lily are a real eye-catcher. A red hue graces the center of each golden petal. The red streaks in the center of each petal look more like strokes made with a paint brush. Faint red specks on top of a lighter orange hue can be seen towards the attachment point of each petal. These can reach heights between 36 and 48 inches.

1 Salmon Star Lily

The white background of each petal is accented with salmon colored flecks all over the petal. There is also a lighter shade of peach streaking down the center of each petal. These grow to be between 30 and 35 inches in height.

Out of this list of unique lilies, which sound like something you’d put in your garden? If you already have your own collection of lilies, please feel free to share what kind they are and why you chose them. I always like learning about new flowers!

Top Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad

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