5 Tips on Growing Carrots ...

Carrots are easy and fun to grow, plus they are good for you too! I’m amazed at how many varieties of carrots there are today. I’ve seen seeds for white ones, yellow ones, and even dark purple ones in the catalogs I get in the mail. No matter which type of carrot variety you decide to grow, the following 5 tips on growing carrots should work for you.

5. Work the Soil to Loosen up the Ground as Much as Possible

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Carrots prefer soil that is easy to grow in. The harder soil is, the more difficult it is for the carrot to work its way into the ground. Also, if the dirt is too hard and compact, the carrot root will be thin and weak looking. It’s much easier for it to plump up when the soil is easy to get through.

4. Sow Seeds Right after the Last Frost

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Seeds for growing carrots are very small, so it doesn’t take long for them to germinate. Be sure that you’ve successfully made it into spring and there isn’t going to be any chance of a frost after you’ve planted your carrot seeds.

3. Thin out Plants Once the Tops Emerge from the Ground

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I know it’s difficult to pull up and toss out the tiny carrots that are trying hard to grow. If you leave too many carrot plants side by side, they end up squeezing out one another and none of them get a fighting chance to grow correctly.

2. Fertilize the Ground Right when Seeds Are Being Planted

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Work the fertilizer into the soil and then plant the carrot seed. Use a fertilizer that is either 6-8-8 or 8-16-16 so that there is plenty of phosphate being added to the soil. This is the only time you’ll need to add fertilizer to your carrot seeds.

1. Prevent Pests from Getting to Your Carrots

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If you use ground covers to go over each row of carrots, then you shouldn’t have to worry about pests that will attack your newly emerging carrots.

As long as you avoid adding a lot of nitrogen to the soil around your carrot plants, you should have a very successful crop of carrots this year. Do you have a particular type of carrot that you enjoy growing?

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