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5 Tips on Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

By Aprille

Unless you are a bat or a bird that enjoys eating bugs, I don’t think mosquitoes are high on your list of favorite things about summer. I know they are at the bottom of my list! I do what I can to keep them from multiplying around the yard and basically keeping the area around the house mosquito free. Here are 5 tips on getting rid of mosquitoes that should aid you in your fight against these blood-thirsty pests.

5 Spray the Areas Where You and Your Family Hang out

A hand-held pyrethrin aerosol can be used to spray a fine mist over an area. It will only kill mosquitoes for about 20 minutes or so before it needs to be administered again. Some companies have machines that will automatically spray a fine mist of mosquito repellent at regular intervals and they do come in handy for family gatherings.

4 Use Bti Products for Ponds and Pools

You won’t be able to cover or empty everything that holds water in your yard. Thankfully there are some amazing products that contain bacillus thuringiensis israelensis or Bti for short. These are placed in ponds, sewer drains, and other water sources that need to be kept free of mosquito larvae. They don’t harm fish, plants, or humans, but when ingested by a mosquito larva, it causes the innards of the larva to explode.

3 Put a Lid on the Rain Barrel

Catching run-off from the roof top is a great way to gather water that I’d otherwise have to pay for. However, my giant water barrel has the potential to be a breeding ground for thousands and thousands of mosquitoes. I make sure to cover the rain barrel after the rain is over so that mosquitoes don’t have a way to get into the water and lay eggs.

2 Set up a House for Purple Martins

You can get plans to make one of these off of numerous sites online. Purple Martins are a rather large bird and they can eat around 2,000 mosquitoes each. It’s also entertaining to watch the martins flit around the yard catching mosquitoes.

1 Don’t Allow Water to Stand for More than a Couple of Days

I take a tour around the yard and make sure that any containers holding even a small amount of water have been emptied. There are some old tires which are used to grow potatoes in and water tends to accumulate in them after a large rainstorm. It takes time to make sure I’ve checked every nook and cranny, but it sure does keep the mosquito population down.

These 5 tips will probably come in useful once the mosquitoes get thick. Hopefully they aren’t already hounding you at night! What is the current method you use for getting rid of mosquitoes?

Top Photo Credit: dr_relling

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