Tiny Plants That Girls Who Live in Small Spaces Can Grow ...

By Eliza

Tiny Plants That Girls Who Live in Small Spaces Can Grow ...

Even if you live in a small house or have a tiny little yard, you can still enjoy all the beauty of live plants. There are tons of itty bitty varieties that you can perch on windowsills, hang on the wall or place on small pieces of furniture. Some of them can even be grown in miniscule outdoor spaces. Bringing some plants into your life will give you joy and these tiny ones are perfect for you!

1 Miniature Fairy Garden

Using Plants in Your Home
A tiny fairy garden can sit just about anywhere and you can have a ton of fun decorating it.

2 Mini Plant Jars

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These mini plant jars are great favors, but they are also perfect for small rooms.

3 Hanging Terrariums

DIY Succulent Terrarium
These lovely little globes hang from the ceiling, saving you space anywhere in your house.

4 Mini Terrarium

How to Create a Terrarium
These won't take up much space, but they are fun to look at and decorate with.

5 Plants in Thimbles

Tiny Fairy Garden
Aren't these absolutely adorable? Where would you put them?

6 Tiny Little Cities

Artist transforms bonsai trees and
Could you create something like this?

7 Tabletop Water Garden

Indoor Tabletop Water Garden
Use an old mug to contain a small plant for your house.

8 Lightbulb Terrarium

Make a light bulb terrarium
This is easy to do and looks fabulous hanging in any room of the house.

9 Miniature Water Lily and Lotus

Pim's Mini Plants: How I
How adorable would this be on your tiny back deck?

10 These Tiny Little Plants Grow in Tiny Little Inkwells

Crafts & Activities Babble
Even large rooms would look fun with a bunch of these little guys.

11 Tiny Succulents Grown in Corks

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Do you have a wall you could hang these on?

12 Moss Ball

盆栽・苔玉 庭だより
I love these! They are easy to create and look stunning on small ledges.

13 Eggshell Gardens

11 Darling Eggshell Gardens
These would be perfect on your outdoor table.

14 Itty Bitty Pots

1 Miniature fairy garden real
You can find these tiny pots at craft stores and they are great or little plants.

15 Wood Base Terrariums

DIY: Wood Base Terrariums
Make these elegant terrariums to bring life to your small home.

16 Make a Fun Arrangement

Group a few tiny pots for more impact and flair.

17 Tiny Bonsai

'Ultra-Small' Bonsai Plants That Only
How cute is this? It would be perfect in a bathroom.

18 Ultra Small Bonsai Plants

Ultra Small Bonsai Plants Give
Have you ever seen anything so tiny and cute?

19 Tiny Treasures

Little succulents are a great choice for tiny pots.

20 Tiny Tea Cups and Saucers with Little Flowers

Pixie Hill: The Tiniest Teacups
I think these are fabulous for a little girl's room.

21 Use Old Containers

These little containers might seem like trash, but they are perfect for small plants.

Do you live in a tiny space? Are you excited to add some plants now that you've seen these?

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