The Best 5 Veggies to Plant in the Summer ...

By Aprille

A few veggie crops need to be planted with the weather is still cool, but there are still plenty of vegetables that can be planted even in the middle of summer. Here are the best 5 veggies to plant in the summer that will still have plenty of time to grow and supply you with lots of yummy vegetables this summer.

5 Cucumber

It can take anywhere from 45 to 60 days for cucumbers to mature, depending on which variety you choose. These are great in salads, pickled, or sliced up and dipped in Ranch dressing. The vines will also cover any old fence you might have laying about the yard, so there’s no need to try to find a large garden space to raise them.

4 Green Ice

I love eating salads, especially during the hot days of summer when it’s too warm to fire up the oven. Green Ice is a type of lettuce that is able to withstand the heat of summer and is ready to eat in 45 days. It is also one of the latest lettuce varieties to go to seed each year.

3 Kohlrabi Express Forcer Hybrid

Needing around half the amount of time to mature as regular Kohlrabi, this variety not only matures fast, but it also holds up to the heat very well. This type of Kohlrabi takes only 42 days to produce 4 inch bulbs that can be picked and eaten. Even the tops of the plants can be eaten in stir fry.

2 Strawberry Spinach

This fast growing and highly nutritious leafy green can be cooked just like regular spinach, but it also produces fruit which closely resembles mulberries. The fruits are also edible and rather tasty. You can harvest this herb all summer long and well into the fall.

1 Okra

The soil and air temperature both need to be warm for okra to grow successfully. Depending on the variety, your okra crop can mature anywhere between 48 to 80 days. Some plants will continue to bloom all summer long and won’t stop until the first frost. Now that’s a lot of okra!

If you’ve already planted your garden this spring, you might not have any room for some of the veggies listed above. The nice thing about these particular vegetables is that they can be planted later during the summer too. What types of veggies do you enjoy growing?

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