5 Techniques for Keeping Your Dog out of the Garden ...

If you have a dog who constantly wants to be a menace in the garden, then the following list is for you. I’ve written down 5 techniques for keeping your dog out of the garden and have personally used all of them but one. I hope you can find something to deter your canine companion from being a pest in your gardening space!

5. Treat Area with Chemicals to Repel Dogs

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I’ve heard a few people claim these work, but I haven’t tried this repellent on my own dog. Supposedly the smell is what keeps them away and it isn’t harmful to the dog at all.

4. Hang Aluminum Pie Tins from String on Posts around the Garden

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This method works great on dogs who are easy to scare. Skittish dogs take off running as soon as the pie pan twirls in the wind and clangs on the pole. The movement tends to frighten most dogs as well. If you aren’t in to scaring your dog out of the garden, then you might not want to use this technique.

3. Train Him to Stay out of the Garden Area

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Some breeds of dog are able to be trained to do just about anything. Training your dog to obey certain boundary lines can be quite the challenge, but it is doable. You might need to have an assortment of treats on hand for this method.

2. Invest in an Invisible Fencing System

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These are one of the best inventions ever. I’ve used it on one dog and he responded very well. Set the invisible fence up around your garden or section of the yard you want to keep the dog out of. Show her the boundaries and let her hear the noise that is emitted from the collar if he gets too close to the β€˜off-limits’ area. Most dogs only need to get shocked once to learn to obey the beeping and not to push the boundary lines!

1. Put up a Fence

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If you can afford to set up a 6 or 8 foot fence around your garden, then this is actually a dual purpose technique. Not only will you be able to keep your dog out of the garden without tying him up or punishing him in any way, but you will also keep out other types of wildlife who wish to eat your tasty plants.

Surely one of these 5 techniques will help keep your garden safe and sound from your dog, no matter how hard headed he is! How do you currently keep your dog out of the garden?

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