7. Multi-colored Roses

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It’s hard to pin down the meaning of multi-colored roses because essentially they are confused. If for example, you had a red and white rose, how do you reconcile innocence with raw passion? The best thing to do with multi-colored roses is to see the best qualities from the symbolism of each of the two (or more) colors. This can also be extended to bouquets of mixed roses. For example, a mix of white and red roses symbolizes unity and a bouquet of yellow and red expresses joy and happiness.

There is also more to roses than their colors and meanings. Presentation is another language they speak. A message is conveyed when roses are given in various ways. A single rose is a message of existing love – “I still love you!” while a bouquet of roses in full bloom is an expression of deep gratitude. The showy tea rose signifies remembrance, while a bouquet of rosebuds represents innocent love.

So now the next time you are presented with or go to buy roses, you’ll understand more about the language of roses and enjoy their message as well as their beauty. What‘s your favorite color rose?

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