8 Most Essential Gardening Tools ...

When you first move into a house with a garden, you need to invest in some essential gardening tools. There’s no need to buy everything, just get the most useful tools - you can buy more gradually if you need them. A lot of gardening tools will be unnecessary, unless you have a large garden (in which case you might prefer to hire a hunky gardener to do the work!). If you prefer to flex your green fingers yourself, here are the essential gardening tools to start you off with …

1. Gloves

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One of the most basic and essential gardening tools is a pair of gloves. These will help protect your hands from scratches, and also stop them getting dirty. They’re particularly valuable if you have roses or other thorny plants! You don’t need to spend a lot, but get a reasonably thick pair.

2. Trowel

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A trowel is useful for several jobs, in particular digging a hole for putting in plants. Your trowel will be very useful if you like seasonal bedding plants! It’s also good for getting rid of those pesky weeds and mixing fertiliser into the soil.

3. Kneeling Pad

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If you do a lot of gardening, you will invariably spend a lot of time kneeling down. You don’t have to be elderly to find this really uncomfortable, so a kneeling pad will be an essential item of equipment. They’re really cheap – you could even make one by covering a piece of foam.

4. Watering Can

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Suggesting buying a watering can might sound like stating the obvious, but it will make the task of watering plants a lot easier. You can certainly improvise with a plastic bottle, but a proper watering can is better for delicate plants and flowers, as it will more evenly distribute the water.

5. Secateurs

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A pair of secateurs is essential for pruning plants and for deadheading flowers (removing dead flowers stops the plant wasting energy and may encourage new ones). Don’t buy the cheapest ones; it’s worth spending a little more here, as cheap ones will soon become blunt.

6. Spade

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Unless you have a tiny city garden with very little earth, you will need a spade as part of your garden equipment. At some point you will need to dig something up, perhaps to move a plant to a better location or to dig up dead plants. This will be hard work without a spade!

7. Rake

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If you have trees in or near your garden, then you will definitely need a rake for the fall! It’s astonishing how quickly the leaves start to cover your garden, and without a rake they will be really difficult to gather into piles. So unless you know someone with a leaf blower, get a rake.

8. Fork

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Finally, a fork is another essential item, especially if you want to cultivate a vegetable patch. You’ll need to prepare the ground to grow vegetables, and that will involve a fair bit of digging. It’ll be hard work, but great exercise – and think of the tasty vegetables!

When you first have a garden, it can be tempting to rush out and buy lots of tools. This will be a waste of money though, so start off with the most essential ones, and as time goes on you will see what else you really need. Do you love having a garden, or do you live in the city and dream of having your own outside space?

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