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8 May Flowers to Celebrate ...

By Lyndsie

It's really true that April showers bring May flowers, and every May, I'm excited to see what all those endless showers have created. There are so many May flowers to celebrate that it's hard to choose just a few, but like every flower-lover out there, I definitely have my favorites. Let's see if yours match mine and, if not, please feel free to share your own favorites, too!

1 Lilac

Lilacs are without question my favorite flower ever. I love the color, I love the scent, and I love their delicate powers. They are my favorite May flowers to celebrate, and the only thing I dislike about them is that they can die so quickly. My landlords have a beautiful shrub of lilacs right across the yard, but they don't take very good care of them. I still have a few weeks left to enjoy their bounty, though!

2 Dogwoods

The woods surrounding my childhood home were chock full of dogwoods. I know that it's really a tree, but they still have flowers – and I adore those flowers. Back in the country, we used to call them Jesus trees because of the markings on the blossoms. No matter what you call them, though, they are absolutely gorgeous.

3 Lilies of the Valley

I adore lilies of the valley – or May bells, as they're sometimes called. They are lovely May flowers to celebrate, and so beautiful! They are typically pink or white, and the blossoms look like bells. It makes me happy just to look at them. It's no wonder so many brides want them in their bouquets.

4 Peonies

When the peonies start blooming, I go absolutely crazy! They're so big and fluffy looking, I can't help but smile when I see them. They can last for quite a long time as well, which is always nice. Even though tons of flowers bloom in the summertime, I always get sad when the spring blossoms start to fade. Peonies can last up to six weeks, though, so that's definitely a bonus!

5 Daffodils

Daffodils are so innately happy. They just look like friendly flowers, you know? They always make me think of Willy Wonka – the original – drinking nectar tea out of them. They really do look like little teacups and saucers. Daffodils are also known as narcissus (narcissi? Anne of Green Gables called them that, I believe), and they're extremely hardy.

6 Tulips

Tulips are another innately friendly flower, which is why they are such great May flowers to celebrate. They come in a whole rainbow of colors, and they're extremely varied. I didn't used to like tulips, but now they always seem like they're smiling. When a flower grins at you, then you can't help but smile back at them. Otherwise it would be rude!

7 Azaleas

I absolutely adore azaleas. To me, they look kind of like stars. Then again, I love rhododendrons as well, so my adoration for azaleas comes as no surprise. Those little freckles are so distinctive. Whenever I see them, I'm always sure that May – and spring – has well and truly arrived.

In making this list of May flowers to celebrate, I know that I missed more than a few of the biggies. Don't get me wrong, I love the majority of May blooms; these are just my favorites. Like say, though, would you like to share some of your favorite springtime blossoms?

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