12 Months πŸ—“ of Birth Flowers 🌸 and Their Meanings πŸ—― for Girls Wanting to Learn Something New 😁 ...

Flowers have so many languages. They convey a massive range of emotions, they are symbols for many things and there’s a flower for every occasion. There is also a flower for every month so if you’re going to receive flowers for your birthday maybe these birth flowers are what you should hope to receive.

1. January - Carnation

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The birth flower for January symbolizes love and fondness. Carnations are a hugely popular flower in bouquets and come in quite a range of colors. These colors also have meaning, delving further into the overall conveyance of love and fondness. Pink carnations represent the message that someone will never forget you, red symbolizes love and variegated carnations suggest a longing to be with someone.

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