How to Keep Your Plants Warm during the Winter ...

Most plants are able to keep survive all on their own during the winter. However, there are a few plants that depend on us humans to give them a helping hand. The following tips offer suggestions on how to keep your plants warm during the winter.

If you have potted plants, then the easiest way to keep these guys warm is to bring them indoors. Having enough room in your house can be the biggest challenge with this ordeal. There is the other option to designate an area of the garage or basement for potted plants and set up a space heater for them. You don’t have to keep the area 75 degrees or comfortable enough for a human. You only need to keep the temperature above freezing, since this is what damages the root system.

As for outdoor plants that need protection, you can use leaves and burlap bags. Pile the leaves all around the plant and then wrap a burlap bag around this pile of leaves. It’s easier if you have someone to help you, since leaves don’t tend to stay in the same place they are put when you’re trying to stack them up. Start off by placing a thick layer at the bottom of the plan and begin wrapping the bag around this first layer.

While one person is holding the bag in place, the other person can continue to pile leaves up inside the bag. Eventually you’ll have a plant that is surrounded by a thick pile of leaves and encased in a burlap coat. Tie the burlap with thick twine. These same burlap bags can be laid right over groundcover plants, if you don’t live in an area where leaves cover the ground in the winter.

It’s hard to only have plants that are hardy enough to withstand the winter freeze, since I enjoy such a variety of them. Do you have another technique that you find helpful in the winter to protect your plants? Where did you learn your special technique from? Please share any insider tips you think might be helpful to other plant lovers.

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