Here's What You Can Plant Right Now to Get You in a Summer Mood ...

Summer is definitely on its way! You can feel it in the warmer temps and the longer days. Whether you have a big yard or just a tiny patio, now is the time to plant some things that will get you in the mood for long summer nights spent sipping margaritas outside. Here’s everything you should be planting right now for a summer of lovely blooms and delicious eats.

1. Any and All Type of Tomato

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Mid-May to the end of May is a great time to plant your tomatoes. If you haven’t started seeds indoors, that’s perfectly fine because you can buy plants at most garden stores. Tomatoes need a good trellis because they get tall and they’ll break under the weight of the tomatoes if they aren’t supported. You can grow tomatoes in the ground or in containers on your patio. They make perfect summer salads!

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