5 Great Vegetables for a Small Garden ...

Having space for a huge garden isn’t possible for everyone. It doesn’t matter what size of yard you have, it’s possible to plant a garden in the smallest of spaces. The following list includes 5 great vegetables for a small garden. The best part is that each of the veggies listed below can also be grown in 5-gallon buckets if need be.

5. Pole Beans

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Plant 2 or 3 beans and provide something for the vine to climb up and you’ll have plenty of beans to eat. These plants don’t need a lot of room to grow, just somewhere to climb upwards. You will definitely get more from a single pole bean plant than from one bush bean plant in the same amount of space.

4. Brussels Sprouts

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Not everyone likes the taste of these tiny cabbage-looking veggies, but they are perfect for growing in a tiny garden space. These plants grow upward and produce sprouts all along the length of the stem.

3. Cherry Tomatoes

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Plants which produce large tomatoes can become rather large and take up lots of room. If you are looking for a small amount of tomatoes that come from a relatively compact plant, then cherry tomato plants might be just right for you.

2. Potatoes

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Have you ever grown potatoes in a pile of old tires? This eliminates a lot of the horizontal space required to grow potatoes and harvesting involves a swift kick to the pile of tires and –Ta-da! – you have potatoes.

1. Garlic

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One bulb of garlic goes a long way, so planting a few cloves in a tiny section of your garden should provide you with all the garlic you need. When the first batch of garlic has finished, you can easily place a few new cloves in the same area where the first bulbs were harvested, in order to start on your next round of garlic.

Do you think any of these 5 veggies would work well in the small garden space you have?

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