7 Great Gardening Books ...


I know it’s not winter for us northern hemisphere folks, but who says that browsing a gardening book is strictly a winter pastime? If you care to keep your garden active throughout the year, or are considering a plunge into the exciting world of greenery and growth, summer is as good a time as any to browse some great gardening books. Here are 7 great gardening books!

1. Living off the Land – a Handbook for Survival

This title was first published in 1973, and its author, John H. Tobe, is a master in the field of gardening. The book deals with organic farming and gardening, with a particular emphasis on producing your own nutritious homegrown food. The author covers a range of subjects, including diversity in your garden, sowing seeds, pollination and even storing the vegetables and fruits from your garden. If you are a beginner looking to realize your dream of sustaining your kitchen yourself, this book is a must.

Getting the Most from Your Garden – Using Advanced Intensive Gardening Techniques
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