7 Delightfully Easy Fruits to Grow in Containers ...

Finding the right fruits to grow in containers is something that I’ve recently started to research, because I am trying to turn my black thumb into a brilliantly green thumb! Fresh fruit is so hard to come by and there is absolutely nothing like picking your own fruit off of a plant that you’ve grown. If you’re looking for fruits to grow in containers that can be put anywhere, take a look below! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

1. Tomatoes

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Oh, who doesn’t love cutting into a fresh, ripe tomato? I do! Since I moved from an apartment into a townhouse, I finally have a place to put fruits to grow in containers and I started with tomatoes. All you do is grab a tomato plant, plant it in a beautiful pot, put some chicken wire over it (because tomatoes are known to grow!) and wait. Soon, you’ll have a ton of tomatoes; you’ll have to share them! One note, this plant loves sunshine, to put it in a sunny place for best results.

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