5 Flowers to Use for Summer Wedding Bouquets ...

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5 Flowers to Use for Summer Wedding Bouquets ...

Summer is the best time for a wedding if you want to have a larger selection of flowers to choose from for your bouquet. Here are 5 flowers to use for summer wedding bouquets. Some of them look great all on their own, while others look nice when mixed together as well. The choice is up to you!

Table of contents:

  1. peacock orchids
  2. summer cheer daffodil
  3. astrantia
  4. sherbet drink phlox
  5. loddon royalist anchusa

5 Peacock Orchids

Each delicate white petal on these orchids has a deep red color to the area where it attaches at the center of the flower. These strongly scented blooms appear late in the summer.

4 Summer Cheer Daffodil

A cluster of light yellow flowers sits atop a single stem with this variety of daffodil. It is not only an amazing sight to see, but talk about making it easy to create a bouquet for a wedding! All you have to do is cut a single stem and your bouquet is all set. These bloom in the early part of summer and have long-lasting fragrant flowers.

3 Astrantia

The star-shaped blossoms on these plants appear to have tiny tulips sprouting out from the center of them. These flowers are even nice looking when they begin to dry out. Deep red, white with pink highlights, and a bright pink are the three main hues these flowers come in.

2 Sherbet Drink Phlox

Pink flowers are tinged around the edges with lime green. The contrast between the two colors is very eye-catching. If pink and green aren’t your color of choice, other varieties of this tall fragrant phlox also comes in light blue, crimson, and white with light green edges.

1 Loddon Royalist Anchusa

It’s hard to find a flower that is this brilliant blue color and long lasting as well. Each flower is only about an inch in diameter and positioned at the tip of a stem that is nearly black in color. These tiny flowers are excellent for using as accents to a wedding bouquet with larger flowers.

This short list of long-lasting flowers should give you some ideas on what types of flowers are available for summer wedding bouquets. What types of flowers have you thought about using for a bouquet in a summer wedding?

Top Photo Credit: roger.pierce

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