7 Easy-to-grow Herbs That You Will Love ...

Yes, it’s winter, but it’s possible you’re dreaming of spring and beginning to think of easy-to-grow herbs for your upcoming garden. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow herbs all summer that you can store and enjoy in dishes throughout next winter? Of course it would! So here are several easy-to-grow herbs to add to your herb garden to give you beautiful and tasty herbs for use all year long.

1. Rosemary

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Rosemary is surely one of the best easy-to-grow herbs, especially if you live in a sunny and dry climate. Rosemary can crawl up a lattice or brick wall. It can also grow in small bushes or shrubbery shapes. Another perk to rosemary is that it grows well in containers. This means if the weather gets blustery, you can bring your rosemary indoors to protect it from the elements.

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