Don't Wait until Next Season to Plant These Garden Seeds ...

It might still be winter in many parts of the world, but it’s not too early to start your garden. In fact, there are some plants that won’t reach harvest time before the first frost if you don’t start them right now. You can find easy sectioned dividers at garden and home stores that allow you to start your plants, then transfer them to the ground outside when spring rolls around. Get these started today and you’ll have good eating coming your way in the fall.

1. Flowers

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You can totally get your flowers going right now. Experts suggest planting perennial and annual seeds in tiny greenhouses. You can then move them outside, making sure to keep them covered. Even if it snows, your plants will make it. When spring comes, you can open the greenhouses and you should see lots of little plants already started. Once the frost danger is over, you can transplant the little guys into the ground and you’ll be the first house on the block with blooms in the yard.

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