7 Creative Ways to Reuse Containers for Plants and Herbs ...

When gardening season rolls around, I love to find ways to reuse containers I already have, instead of buying more. Not only are seeds and plants an initial investment, but the containers are a whole other story. Luckily, most all of us can find ways to reuse containers for plants and herbs with a little creativity. Here are a few of my favorite ideas, but let me know if you have any too!

1. Yogurt Containers

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You can easily use yogurt containers as one of the best ways to reuse containers for plants and herbs. All you need to do is simply punch a few holes in the bottom of any size container, and put in some soil, along with your seeds. This makes a great way to start off seedlings in your kitchen window before you’re reading to plant them in a bigger pot. Leave them here until they reach about 2 inches in height, then transfer to a bigger pot. Use the top of the yogurt container flipped upside down to place under the container for collecting water from drainage.

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