10 Best Tropical 🌴 Flowers 🌺🌸 for Temperate Gardens 🌱 ...

What are the best tropical flowers for temperate gardens? If you're asking that question, you must be planning something great for your yard!

I have recently developed a love of gardening, but I don’t want a typical English cottage garden or a picture perfect manicured lawn. I may not live in a tropical climate, but that’s not to say that my garden has to be boring. Here are 10 of the best tropical flowers for temperate gardens that can really bring some life to your garden.

1. Canna

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Known for their bright flowers and huge leaves, cannas are a tropical plant that can do very well in non-tropical climates, making them one of the best tropical flowers for temperate gardens. They can grow in most countries around the world, but they need at least 6-8 hours of sunshine each day during the summer months. Cannas like full sun and moist soil, and are also suited to clay conditions. If you get a frost, you can simply remove the rhizomes and keep them in a warmer area, ready for planting again in the spring. They usually grow to between 2 and 7 feet tall, depending on the variety, so make sure you purchase a type that suits the size that you want them to reach.

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