7 Beautiful Flower Bushes to Get for Your Yard ...

Recently, my girl and I moved into a beautiful townhouse and now that we're all settled, we want to plant some amazing flower bushes that will look beautiful on our little bit of property! This sparked a huge question in my head – what flower bushes are out there that are easy to beginners to grow … and that look amazing? If you don't think that you have a green thumb at all, but you still want your yard to look amazing, take a look at my awesome bushes with flowers on them below!

1. Bluebeard Shrub

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Who could have a yard without this amazing bush? Bluebeard shrubs grow to be about 4 feet tall and this is one of the many flower bushes that are super easy to grow! It'll last in the heat, the cold and even if you forget to water it. It's a shrub that actually blooms in the late summer and the blooms are amazing!

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