7 Beautiful Butterflies to Spot in Your Garden Today ...

Butterflies are solid proof that nature has an astounding ability to accessorise the word with its splendour, and there are some beautiful butterflies to spot in your garden today, which I would like to share. Butterflies are an essential part of the pollination process as they fly from flower to flower, feeding on the nectar. From June to September, there are some butterflies which you may be able to spot in your garden and there are also some ways to attract more beautiful butterflies to your garden, such as by using a butterfly feeder with sugared water and by planting some of the flowers they're attracted to.

1. Common Blue

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One of the most beautiful butterflies is the Common Blue. It does have more of an exotic Latin name: Polyommatus icarus. This butterfly loves thyme, thistle, bugle and knapweed and is the most widespread blue butterfly in Britain and Ireland. It can also be found over much of Europe, Asia and northern Africa. As well as gardens, it loves other sheltered spots, such as coastal dunes and meadows.

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