7 Adorable Succulents to Get Your Hands on ...

Adorable succulents – oh what joy it is to have them in your garden! I grew to love these guys way too much and am not ashamed of using every opportunity I can get to go on and on about how gorgeous and undemanding they are. Let’s see if I can get some of you to fall in love with these cute, adorable succulents, too – shall we? Check out these great succulent plants below and, if you still don’t like them… well, you can’t say I didn’t try, can you?

1. Limestone Houseleek

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Gorgeous, deep red-tipped green leaves, tightly packed rosettes, amazing star-shaped flowers – Limestone houseleek, a.k.a Sempervivum calcareum, is one of the most adorable succulents I ever had a chance to grow. They grow like crazy, don’t mind the bright, hot sun some of my other succulents do not tolerate very well and, according to my mom’s neighbor (who gave these to me and knows quite a bit about Sempervivums) can be used to treat cuts and burns, too.

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