6 Herbs You Can Grow in Your Kitchen Garden ...

Historically fresh herbs have been used for seasoning dishes, keeping linen fresh, adding to the taste of meats and other purposes most of which have become redundant thanks to newer technologies and dried varieties being available in stores. However growing a few herbs in your kitchen garden is quickly becoming a popular hobby for cooking aficionados and gardening buffs. If you are considering setting up your own kitchen garden, here are 8 essential herbs that should find a place in your garden.

1. Oregano

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Oregano is also called wild marjoram and is extremely easy to grow. It easily finds roots in even poor soil and grows to height of 2 feet tall. It is a strong easy to maintain hardy plant and once it sprouts you can use the leaves to flavor pizza or a steak. If you preserve dried leaves, you can obtain oregano powder as well.

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