8 Easy Tips for Starting a Vegetable Garden ...

Having your own vegetable garden can have many benefits. It is a great way to incorporate fresh, organic food into your diet as well as being a way to cut down on grocery costs. There is also the satisfaction in growing your own crops. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own vegetable garden, try the following tips.

1. Start Small

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It’s important to be able to manage your garden. Growing your garden will be a learning process. Start small and master the craft. If you want a large garden, expand at the end of each season or year. If you have limited space, you can always try growing vegetables in a container or pot plant.

2. Do Your Research

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It’s important to plan your garden in advance. Research the types of vegetables that grow in your climate. Climates and seasons play a big part in successfully growing vegetables. Make sure that you choose season and climate appropriate vegetables for your garden.

3. Ensure Your Garden Will Get Plenty of Sun

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When preparing a plot, try and put it in a place that receives plenty of sunlight during the day. A full day of sunshine is important if you are growing vegetables in the cooler months. Always check the sunlight requirements of your vegetables before planting them.

4. Assess Soil Quality

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Test your soil to determine the quality and what types of plants will grow best. If your plot isn’t naturally blessed with good soil, give it a helping hand. Add some compost, manure, or other organic material. When the soil has warmed, shovel and turn it over to a depth of about 10 inches.

5. Arrange Your Garden Carefully

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Allot the amount of space that each crop will get carefully. Pay attention to how much space you give between each vegetable crop. Some plants will spread out, while others will shoot up. Also look at arranging by height as tall crops may cause shading problems for shorter crops.

6. Seeds Vs. Seedlings

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Some plants will grow better from seeds, while other will grow better from seedlings. Starting with seeds is also less expensive. Vegetables that grow best from seeds include carrots, beans, and pumpkins. Vegetables that grow better from seedlings include eggplant, tomatoes, and broccoli.

7. Use Good Quality Tools

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Invest in good quality tools that will stand the test of time. Purchasing cheap items can get costly if they constantly break from too much wear. You will be spending plenty of time in your garden so look for tools with ergonomic designs as well as a sturdy structure.

8. Grow What You Love to Eat

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There’s not point in growing something that you aren’t going to eat. This garden should be a labour of love, so you have to love what’s in it! Give priority to plants that are bursting with flavour.

Or do you already have your own vegetable garden? Do you have any more tips?

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