7 Summer Garden Ideas ...

The best thing about a garden is that there isn’t a limit on what you can do to it. The following 7 summer garden ideas might be just the right amount of inspiration you were looking for. It’s difficult to come up with a ton of ideas on your own, but maybe these will help!

7. Place a Water Garden in the Middle of Your Flower Garden

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Small pond kits can be purchased with very little money and they don’t take a long time to install. These are even suitable for a handful of small goldfish as well. The sound of a waterfall can be just as soothing as watching the goldfish swim around in the pond.

6. Give Your Garden a Dual Purpose

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You can easily make your garden a place to relax by setting a comfortable bench or chair in it. If you can incorporate this chair or bench into the design of the garden, then the area will still look nice and not like you’ve simply created a place to sit in the middle of the garden. Sharing your garden space with the wildlife by adding a bird feeder or plants to attract butterflies is yet another option.

5. Add a Splash of Color to an Herb Garden

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This can be accomplished by planting a few brightly colored perennials or by placing herbs in containers painted with bright patterns. I like to have a little bit of color in all my gardens, even if I have to plant some marigold seeds to do so.

4. Have a Garden Filled with Medicinal Plants

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Herbs and certain flowers have medicinal uses that have been known for centuries. These include plants like feverfew, Echinacea, chamomile, goldenseal, mugwort, ginseng, lemon balm, skullcap, and many more. You don’t have to know how each of these medicinal plants is used in order to benefit from their beauty. Many of them have gorgeous foliage as well as beautiful flowers.

3. Mix Veggies and Flowers in a Garden Spot

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Most people try to keep the flower and vegetable garden separate from one another, but these two can be happily combined. A number of flowers actually help to keep certain pests away from many types of vegetable plants.

2. Plant Flower Gardens That Use Only One Color of Flower

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As much as I enjoy tons of color, I think it is fun to have one garden that includes flowers in my favorite color; blue. Why not create a small garden that includes an assortment of flowers that are each in your favorite color.

1. Make a Moonlight Garden

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A gorgeous and fragrant variety of night-blooming flowers can be planted to create a wonderful garden that is best enjoyed once the sun goes down. There are quite a few cacti that bloom only in the evenings, but a number of non-cacti plants are also out there waiting to be chosen. These gardens are marvelous when placed around a patio where you can enjoy the strong scents of each type of flower.

I hope you can use these ideas to create the garden of your dreams. I like sharing new gardening ideas with others and I’m always searching for ways to make my garden more inviting. What new summer ideas have you come up with on your own this year?

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