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Spring seems to be synonymous with ants at my house. I love looking forward to warmer weather, but not to the ants who arrive with it. If you find yourself being invaded by ants already, then these 5 ways to get rid of ants could come in handy. See what you think and let me know if you have any methods you've used to get rid of ants in the past.

5. Mop the Floors and Wipe down Surfaces with a Bleach Solution

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Sometimes doing something as simply as mopping or wiping surfaces clean with a solution of warm water and bleach is enough to get rid of ants. They follow the same trail over and over again, so destroying their path running from outside your home to the cabinets inside might do the trick.

4. Destroy Their Home

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Pour straight vinegar or a gallon of water with a quarter cup of dish washing liquid added to it around their home. If the ants don't get the hint after this method, then you might need to do this a few more times.

3. Make Homemade Ant Spray

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You can use straight vinegar or a 50/50 mix of cider vinegar and water. It's amazing at how many uses vinegar has. I find it to be a very effective ant deterrent. Spray down surfaces with this mix and any area where you see ants walking.

2. Use Borax

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Combine 1 cup of warm water, a half cup of sugar, and 2 T of Borax. Soak up some of this mixture with cotton balls and place them around the home. Ants will be attracted to the sugar. Mixing Borax with the sugar is what makes this sweet formula deadly to ants.

1. Purchase Ant Traps

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When all else seems to fail, there is an assortment of ant traps available at most stores. These range from tiny traps that attract ants and then hold them in place with a super sticky surface to traps that hold a substance ants will carry back to their nest that will kill the entire population.

Getting rid of ants often takes a couple of tries. I haven't found a method that quickly and effectively gets rid of ants on the very first try. What tricks have you used to get rid of ants?

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