5 Tips on Taking Care of KOI Fish ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Taking Care of KOI Fish ...

Having a KOI pond takes some maintenance, if you want your fish to live long healthy lives. I’ve listed 5 tips on taking care of KOI fish for you. As with any other animal, there are basic necessities they need and are easy to provide.

Table of contents:

  1. clean the water
  2. feed proper food
  3. prevent sudden water temperature changes
  4. aerate the water properly
  5. make sure your koi have friends

5 Clean the Water

There are a number of filtration systems available for KOI ponds. It’s also a good idea to clean these filters twice a month. Frequent cleaning will keep the water clear and prevent the filtration pumps from overworking.

4 Feed Proper Food

KOI love shrimp, which is available in a dried form at animal supply stores. There are other mixes as well, but be sure you offer KOI food and not flakes for goldfish.

3 Prevent Sudden Water Temperature Changes

Sudden changes can throw your fish into shock. This would be most likely to happen when you are cleaning the pond. If you remove water from the pond, then don’t add new water straight from the garden hose. You’ll need to allow for the new water to set in a clean bucket until it’s the same temp as the water being taken out of the pond.

2 Aerate the Water Properly

Air pumps are a great source for aerating the pond, but a waterfall adds so much more. The waterfall gently provides air and is aesthetically pleasing as well. Some people also find the sound to be relaxing.

1 Make Sure Your KOI Have Friends

KOI fish are colonizers, which mean they don’t prefer to live alone. They hang out in groups, or colonies, and definitely enjoy the company of other KOI. Plan on having at least two fish, if not more, in your pond.

Be sure you know exactly what you need for your KOI fish before you place a pond in the garden. If you aren’t well prepared for the amount of work ponds take to upkeep them, then you might want to rethink your pond building plans. Do you have a large KOI fish pond or a small one? How easy do you think it is to take care of them?

Top Photo Credit: gdraskoy (away to Europe)

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