5 Tips on Raising Rabbits ...


I’ve always enjoyed having rabbits running around. When I was a kid, I had one that was litter box trained and lived in the house. This changed when my sweet little bunny chewed the cable on the deep freeze and flooded the kitchen. My rabbits all live outside and seem to be perfectly content. If you are thinking of getting into the rabbit business, then you might be able to use these 5 tips on raising rabbits.

5. Provide Cages at Least 4 Times the Size of the Rabbit

It’s best to make the cage large enough that your rabbit won’t outgrow it quickly. An average sized rabbit requires a cage that is 3 feet in width and length, plus 2 feet in height. Rabbits don’t need a large area to run around, but most do enjoy it!

Feed Them Mostly Hay and Pellets
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