5 Tips on Making a Good KOI Pond ...

So much is added to a garden spot when a KOI pond is placed in it. I think these fish are magnificent and creating a pond for them is a lot of fun. There are 5 tips on making a good KOI pond that I think you might find useful.

5. Make Sure You Have an Appropriate Size

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KOI ponds don’t have to be huge, but you want yours to fit the space it’s in. It might look rather silly if you put in a pond that is the size of your bathtub, right in the middle of your yard. Try to adjust your pond size with the location it will be in.

4. Have a Location in Mind

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It isn’t very cost effective to purchase all the equipment and supplies to create a KOI pond and not even have a spot picked out. Pond liners come in a variety of shapes as well, so you’ll want to pick out a shape that compliments the area the pond will be built.

3. Be Equipped for All Types of Weather

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Making certain that your KOI are protected during will keep them living longer. If you live in an area where the weather gets cooler at times, then you’ll want to have a heater for your pond.

2. Provide at Least Some Shade

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You don’t want to make fish soup by placing your pond directly in the sun and not providing some shade for your KOI. Even if you don’t have a shady location, it’s easy to plant a small tree for shade or add some water plants for the KOI to hide in on hot, sunny days.

1. Think about Aesthetics

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Creating a KOI pond that is eye-catching will make it much more enjoyable. Add some plants, various shapes of rocks, and at least a small waterfall. You don’t have to make it look like a putt-putt golf course, but think about adding a personal touch to it.

It takes a bit of time to create a really good KOI pond and to make sure that it is safe enough for your fish to move into. Have you already made a pond for your KOI? Do you have any additional tips to add?

Top Photo Credit: Abe K

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