5 Tips on Hedging the Bushes ...

Trimming is also referred to as hedging. Whether you are trimming the hedges or hedging the bushes, take a look at the following tips for some useful tidbits. These 5 tips on hedging the bushes should help you to successfully shape your hedges just as you want them. No one wants an unruly bush taking over the front of the house.

5. Make Sure Hedging Shears Are Sharp

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Dull shears not only make it more difficult to trim hedges, but they also damage the plant tips. You want to make sure shears are as sharp as can be so that they provide a clean cut. Hardware stores and garden supply places usually offer to sharpen shears for a low fee.

4. Stake Strings along Edges of Bushes for Straight Lines

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If you want your bushes to be uniformly trimmed, then this will require a few extra tools. Form a line with string along the edges of each of your pushes. Stake the strings out so they are taught. You are basically creating a box around the bush so you can tell if you are trimming it in a straight line or not. Some people are able to make straight lines by simply eye-balling the edges.

3. Use a String Level to Even the Two Sets of String up

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Placing stakes around the bottom portion of the bushes is only the beginning. Now there is a second set of string to add above this. These two sets of strings will help you to make sure you evenly trim all sides of the bush, even the top.

2. Trim the Top of the Hedges First

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Hold the shears parallel with the top of the bush and trim the hedge just above the two sets of strings. For larger hedges, you might need to do some running around to reach all the edges along the top. Once the top is trimmed, then work on moving down each side of the hedge. Try to not go deeper than the two lines you’ve placed along the sides of the bush.

1. Pay Attention to Trimming Instructions for Each Hedge

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All hedges are a bit different, especially when it comes to trimming. Some might need to be trimmed in the fall and others can wait until spring. You’ll want to check and see what the general directions are for trimming a particular hedge in your yard.

I hope these 5 tips on hedging the bushes come in handy for you or you know someone who can use them. The very first time you trim the hedges might be difficult. Sometimes it takes a few times before hedging becomes easier. Have you ever over-trimmed your hedges and had to hear about it from neighbors? What trimming tips do you have to offer?

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