5 Tips on Growing Palm Trees ...

Living in a climate where palm trees aren’t found outside the front door, being able to grow one inside is the next best thing. Here are 5 tips on growing palm trees that I collected. Growing a nice, healthy palm tree is generally an easy task, as you’ll see from these growing tips.

5. Beware of Drafts

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These are warm weather trees, so a cold draft isn’t going to be pleasant for them. Keep palms in a draft free area, which means away from doorways and windows. I lived in a very small apartment when I had a little palm tree. The selection of draft free areas was minimal, so I actually had to place a blanket over the window where the palm was placed.

4. Pests

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Like with most indoor plants, mites and mealy bugs can be bothersome. Squirting straight rubbing alcohol on the tree usually takes care of most pests. If this doesn’t work, then you might want to invest in some bug spray from the local nursery or hardware store.

3. Light

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Many indoor palm trees do very well in low light. I’ve seen my mom’s flourish in a room where the most light available is on the opposite side of the room. A lot of the types of palms kept indoors are found living underneath larger trees in the wild, so low light is natural for them.

2. Well-drained Soil

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Palms like a lot of water, but they don’t want to live in a swamp. Having well-drained soil in the container the palm tree is in allows it to get lots of water without setting in a pool of it. Some of them actually like to dry out a bit between watering. Make sure to check the instructions on the palm tree you have.

1. Humidity

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It can be difficult to raise the humidity level inside a home. This is why my parents tend to leave their palm trees in the green house all winter. If you don’t have a green house for your palm trees to winter in, then sprits the leaves from time to time to add more humidity or place the tree in the bathroom. The humidity from the shower will be very welcomed!

Even if you aren’t one to plant a palm tree inside, these tips can be passed on to a friend as well. My mom has tons of palm trees that winter in the green house and get carried outside to the front porch in the summer. Do you currently have a palm tree you are trying to grow? How is this venture going for you?

Top Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery - Now on Twitter!

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