5 Tips on Growing Grapefruit Trees ...

Citrus trees are fun to grow, as long as you have the right conditions for them. I’ve always wanted to have an orchard filled with grapefruit trees or at least live close to one so I could have fresh grapefruit for breakfast each morning. The following 5 tips on growing grapefruit trees should help you keep your new citrus tree healthy and happy.

5. Choose a Tree Suitable for Your Zone

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As with most citrus trees, grapefruit trees tend to prefer warm climates. There are some varieties that can withstand mild winters and won’t be killed off by a light snowfall. Be sure to check the zones suggested on the grapefruit tree you are purchasing. Take the final height into consideration as well. Dwarf varieties are available to save space.

4. Plant the Tree in an Elevated Location

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Citrus trees don’t like being exposed to frost. If you plant your grapefruit tree in a low-lying area on your property, the chance of it being killed by frost is much greater. Place your tree in a high location where the frost is less likely to settle.

3. February, May, and August Are the Best Months for Adding Fertilizer to Your Tree

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Start by watering the ground around the base of the tree. Ammonium phosphate fertilizer can be sprinkled around the tree and spread evenly with garden rake. Make sure to work the fertilizer into the soil at least a quarter inch down and water the newly fertilized area again.

2. Make Sure the Soil is Well-draining

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Citrus trees don’t like to be left in standing water. Organic humus can be added to the soil to allow it to drain better. If the soil isn’t well-draining, then it can become too compact for the tree’s roots to spread easily.

1. Mulch Generously

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Apply a thick layer of mulch; somewhere between 3 to 4 inches of mulch should be perfect. The layer of shredded or chipped mulch will keep moisture in the soil and will prevent the roots becoming exposed because of loss of soil.

I hope these tips will get you started in growing a grapefruit tree of your very own. Remember that citrus trees take many years before they begin to produce fruit. Following these tips will get your tree started right so that you will have fruit as soon as possible. Do you find these tips helpful at all?

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