5 Tips on Growing a Herb Garden ...

Herbs are some of the easiest plants to grow. They are not only simple to raise, but they can be grown in a variety of household objects. There’s no need to go out and purchase large containers and fancy dirt if you are interested in have a garden full of herbs. Here are 5 tips on growing a herb garden.

5. Start off with Really Good Soil

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If you don’t have access to good potting soil, then make your own. Dig up some dirt from the yard, add in some shredded newspaper, mix in a few veggie scraps from the kitchen, toss in some coffee grounds and crushed egg shells, and stir this all together. Letting it set for a couple of weeks will allow it to decompose a bit, but this isn’t necessary.

4. Utilize Containers You Have Saved

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I like to use empty cream cheese or yogurt containers for my herb garden. These are shallow enough that they aren’t easily knocked over when I water them. Also, these containers are small enough that I can place quite a few on the kitchen window sill.

3. Make Sure the Plants Get Plenty of Light

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A north facing window will provide your plants with plenty of constant light. However, during the colder months, you months you might want to switch your herb garden to an area where the plants can receive either the morning or the evening sun. If planting herbs outside, go for a spot that is mostly sunny.

2. Water Your Herbs Regularly

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Herbs generally have very shallow roots. This means that since they are towards the top of the soil, they tend to lose water to evaporation. Water herbs often, but don’t drown them!

1. Plant Herbs That Will Benefit Your Culinary Needs

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Most people have specific herbs that they like to use when cooking. If you are interested in growing an herb garden, then you might want to stick to herbs you will actually use. This will make your time and effort that you put into growing your herbs worth while.

These 5 tips should help you get started with your herb garden endeavor. Do you have any additional tips you’d like to add?

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