5 Tips on Caring for Daisies ...

These sun-loving flowers do great just about anywhere. They return year after year and provide cheery little flowers for all to admire. The 5 tips on caring for daisies that are listed below will get you started with your new plants. Daisies are very simple to grow and spread easily, making them a great plant for filling in a wide open space.

5. Proper Placement Will Make Caring for Daisies Easier

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When planting clumps of daisies, be sure to set each clump at least a foot or two apart. Sowing seeds directly into the ground works well in warm climates, but you may need to thin seedlings out once they get started. Plants growing too close to one another tend to fight over nutrients and ultimately die out.

4. Adding Nutrients Isn’t Always Necessary

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Most new gardeners feel they have to apply fertilizer to every plant in order to get it to grow successfully. This isn’t true with daisies. They are very hardy plants and don’t need fertilizer. You are welcome to add some to their water every so often if you want too, but it isn’t necessary. They seem to benefit more from the addition of mulch than from fertilizer.

3. Keep the Soil Moist

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Daisies like the soil to remain a bit moist. They actually thrive in a moist environment. Don’t allow the ground to become completely saturated or dry out completely in between watering. A nice happy middle ground is best.

2. Pruning Dead Blooms and Plant Parts Has a Couple of Benefits

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First of all, keeping the brown foliage and blooms trimmed off of your daisies will make them look a lot nicer. Secondly, when the spent blossoms are removed, new flowers will emerge. This will greatly extend the blooming season for your daisies.

1. Stake Tall Plants

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Some varieties of daisies can grow to be extremely tall and are easily knocked down by the wind. If you can find a sunny location to plant daisies that is protected from strong winds, then you may not need to mess with staking out your plants. Tie plants loosely with a piece of string to attach it to the stake. Multiple plants can be supported on a single stake.

These tips work well with all types of daisies. I’m sure you’ll enjoy growing daisies and find it to be very rewarding. They make beautiful bouquets as well! What types of daisies do you like best?

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