5 Reasons to Make a Spring Garden ...

Do you know what? Today, I feel like give you 5 reasons to make a spring garden. I love gardens, any time of the year, but perhaps this blog will get you up and moving.

5. The Birds and Butterflies

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You will have cute creatures, such as butterflies, bees, dragonflies and birds in your garden. These are fun to watch. I enjoy watching hummingbirds in the yard. I have a special hummingbird feeder that they always flock to.

4. It Will Brighten up Your Home

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When you create a spring garden in your front yard or your back yard, it is going to brighten up your home. Imagine having all those beautiful flowers around your home. It will make the outside of your home look much better.

3. It’s Peaceful

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When you have a spring garden, you have some place to go where you can relax. This is a peaceful place that is filled with a lot of tiny wildlife that I mentioned in number 5.

2. The Smell

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I cannot leave the smell out of this one! When you create a garden for the spring, you are going to have a lovely aroma coming from those flowers. I always love the springtime, because the way the flowers smell.

1. You Won’t Get Bored

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That’s right, if you make a spring garden, you won’t be bored. You will have something productive to do. You will have a reason to go outside – to tend to the plants! This is definitely a great reason to create a spring garden. So many think of gardening as their hobby and you could too.

Those are 5 reasons to make a spring garden. Instead of sitting inside this spring, you should get out and prepare your garden. Make sure you use plants that will thrive in your climate. What is the reason you made your garden? Do you like it?

Top Photo Credit: Matt (mistergoleta)

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