5 Plants That Need Full Sun ...

I have plenty of sunny locations around my property that are always in need of livening up. I like to find plants that thrive in sunlight and that will offer lots of color during the summer months. Here are 5 plants that need full sun that you might like for your brightly lit spaces as well.

5. Golden Drop Potentilla

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If you are looking for a handsome hedge, then look no further. This low growing plant reaches a height of 3 feet and produces a bright collection of yellow flowers in the early spring. The tiny flowers are present up until late fall, making this plant a vibrant addition to your garden.

4. Spirea

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I remember two of these bushes growing on either side of the front porch stairs when I was a kid. They were always filled with numerous white flowers and the bush had a sort of fountain-shape appearance. These bushes can grow up to 8 feet in height, but do best when trimmed back to around 6 feet instead.

3. Butterfly Bush

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Filled with fragrant blooms in the summertime, this bush is also known as the Summer Lilac. It can grow to be around 10 feet in height, despite the fact that it dies back each fall. Bright pink and deep purple are the two color choices available for this gorgeous plant.

2. Northern Sun Forsythia

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With 11 genuses of forsythia plants to choose from, it’s amazing at how much this one actually stands out from the rest. The blooms smothering each stem are a deep golden color and make it nearly impossible to see the woody stem beneath, due to their abundance. This variety of forsythia can grow to be around 10 feet tall, but pruning it to 6 feet will make it more spectacular looking.

1. Blue Dwarf Lilac

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This dense lilac bush is not only compact, but highly fragrant. It will grow to be around 4 feet tall and can easily be placed next to a home since it won’t disrupt the foundation at all. The buds on this little lilac bush appear to be light pink when they emerge, but will open up into light blue flowers that are extremely fragrant.

Out of these 5 plants, which ones did you like the best?

Top Photo Credit: Glenn! of Dundas

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