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I think most of my family members have green thumbs and thankfully they've passed some of their gardening knowledge on to me. Whether you are just beginning to get into gardening or if you've been doing it for years, these 5 green thumb tips might be useful. Feel free to pass them on to others who might also be able to use them!

5. Make up a Watering Schedule

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Keeping track of when I've watered plants, which ones I've already watered, and which ones need to be checked daily is a task that I sometimes slack on. I find that making a schedule to keep track of who, what, where, and when I need to water makes my life a bit more stress-free.

4. Clean Plants with Rubbing Alcohol

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I always have a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the medicine cabinet. It works wonders on dusty leaves and also to get rid of bugs that are invading my plants. For cleaning large leaves on tropical plants, use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and gently wipe down the leaves. As for bugs, put the alcohol in a spray bottle and lightly spray the plant where bugs are present.

3. Use Coffee Grounds to Deter Slugs

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Dumping old coffee grounds around your plants will keep slugs away. You can even pour the leftover coffee around the plants too. There's no need to do this to the same plants every day. Sprinkle the grounds on top of the soil where slugs will crawl into them. Slugs will try to avoid crawling through the acidic coffee grounds.

2. Keep New Plants Warm with Painted Milk Jugs

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Paint some milk jugs black and fill them with water in the morning. Place these jugs around plants that need a bit more warmth during the evening. The black milk jugs will absorb sunlight and the water will slowly give off the absorbed heat during the night.

1. Add Slow Release Fertilizers when Transplanting

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Using a quick release fertilizer on a newly transplanted flower, bulb, or other new plant will cause it to burn up. Slow release fertilizers are available in granule form and can be mixed in with the soil when transplanting.

These tips for improving your green thumb might come in handy some day. I like to collect new gardening tips during the winter and then try them out once planting season rolls around. Each of these tips has worked very well for my garden. What are some tips you have for improving a new gardener's green thumb?

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