5 Good Berries to Eat ...

By Aprille

5 Good Berries to Eat ...

Berries are some of my favorite types of fruit. I think I like them the most because I don’t need a knife to cut them in to smaller pieces and I don’t have to use a fork to eat them. I’m all about the finger food. These are 5 good berries to eat that my family and I enjoy during the summer months.

5 Grapes

I bet you didn’t know that grapes were considered berries, did you? I like red grapes the best. They are especially good when frozen. I’ll put a bunch in the freezer for a cold snack during a hot summer day. They don’t stick together in a giant mass when you freeze them, which make them very easy to eat.

4 Raspberries

These can be somewhat tart, depending on the variety. I sprinkle a bit of sugar on top and pour some half and half over them. This adds a bit of fat to an otherwise healthy snack, but it tastes so good!

3 Blueberries

I’ve picked these in the wild and they are a lot sweeter than the variety sold in the grocery store. Of course, they are also a bit smaller as well. They are an excellent addition to pancakes and muffins.

2 Strawberries

These are called berries, but are actually an accessory fruit and not an actual berry. I know, technicalities. I still consider them to be one of my favorite berries. I make pies with them, eat them with short cake and whipped cream, or simply slice some up with sugar and lemon juice on them.

1 Blackberries

These are my all-time favorite berries. They are dark and luscious, with the perfect amount of sweetness. I can eat these berries right out of the carton they come in at the store or add some half and half to them like I do raspberries. Yum!

I think berries are a fantastic fruit that many people over look. Apples, oranges, and bananas seem to be more commonly purchased than juicy little berries. What is your favorite type of berry? Are you able to grow them where you live?

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