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5 Flowers That Will Make Your House Smell Good ...

By Aprille

I would much rather have nice smelling bouquets or fragrant plant in my home than rely on artificial sprays and other types of air fresheners to make my house smell better. Here is a list of 5 flowers that will make your house smell good and add a bit of beauty to it as well.

5 Jasmine

This woody plant makes a gorgeous bonsai and sets perfectly on a window sill. Each blossom has such a powerful scent that even a small jasmine plant can make multiple rooms smell amazing!

4 Lily of the Valley

The tiny bell-like blooms on these 9 inch tall plants emit a fragrance that is shockingly powerful. I was surprised that such a small flower could produce such an aroma! They are absolutely heavenly and little enough that they make a beautiful bouquet fit for a window sill.


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3 Hyacinth

These flowers tend to emerge early in the spring. Right after the crocus have come and gone, the hyacinths begin to appear. Common colors seen include a deep purple, bright and light pink, and white. The large blooms are often placed at the end of short stems, so the bouquets tend to be very full. It only takes a few to make a nice centerpiece.

2 Daffodil

I love seeing a field full of yellow daffodils. Their magnificent fragrance fills the air for quite a distance. It only takes a few daffodils to fill a room with their scent. The cheery yellow color always brings a smile to my face as well.

1 Peony

With some of the largest and most fragrant blossoms around, a bouquet of peonies is sure to make your house smell amazing. There are white, red, yellow, and varying hues of pink peonies sold at most nurseries. They grow well in zones 3 thru 8 and produce tons of blooms. They do have a very short blooming period though.

Were you already aware of each of the great smelling flowers listed above or do you already have your own favorite? Feel free to share what you favorite fragrant flower is.

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