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5 Flowers for 2011 ...

By Aprille

I start planning my spring flower garden the moment I get a new gardening catalog in the mail. I just got the first one last week and the pages are already dog eared with my favorites flowers clearly marked on each tattered page. If you are looking for ideas on new plants for your spring garden, here are 5 flowers for 2011 that you might enjoy.

5 Mexican Evening Primrose

If you are looking for an easy to grow perennial with an herbaceous appearance, then this beautiful pink flower might be perfect for your garden. They are also known as Pink Ladies and the flower resembles a large pink morning glory. Full sun is what they prefer and they are excellent for attracting bees and butterflies.

4 Chocolate Flower

Don’t let the bright yellow petals fool you. This drought resistant perennial actually smells like it is made of chocolate. They are also known as Chocolate Daisies or Greeneyes. Butterflies are attracted to these flowers and they look great in dried flower arrangements.

3 Catawba Rhododendron

This flowering shrub is known to be very popular with the hummingbirds. The thick green leaves are the perfect back drop for the gorgeous pink flowers. The flowers resemble those on an azalea bush, in case you are more familiar with that type of plant. Ruby-throated hummingbirds have been seen hovering for many minutes over these lovely flowers, in order to probe each blossom for an abundance of nectar.

2 Lantana

The bright orange blossoms of this annual plant are commonly seen blooming during the summer and fall. There are varieties of Lantana that come in pink, red, and yellow as well. The only downfall to this beautiful flower is that some people find that the leaves cause their skin to break out in a rash. They are gorgeous though and each bloom consists of many tiny trumpet-like flowers clustered closely together to form a mound.

1 Ozark Sundrop

The pale yellow blooms of this perennial can be seen all summer long and well into the fall. They like full sun and will help with weed control by choking out unwanted plants. Be careful where you plant this little beauty though because it can easily take over a garden area and be considered an invasive plant.

My flower garden mostly consists of perennials, but I do have the occasional annual that finds its way among the many bulbs already set in place. I tried to provide a variety of color choices in the list of flowers above. I love seeing tons of color in my flower garden! What flowers do you already have in mind for 2011?

Top Photo Credit: oldmantravels

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