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I love being able to grow flowers that not only look good, but that are edible as well. I’ve listed 5 edible flowers below so you can grow some of these tasty flowers in your own garden. Many of these look great in a window box, which would also make them more accessible when you want to add a few to a dinner salad or entrée.

5. Violet

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Violets are not only edible, but they are also filled with medicinal constituents. A half cup of violet leaves have as much vitamin C as 3 whole oranges. Elegant violet blossoms have adorned many wedding cakes. The blooms are said to have a mild pea flavor. The most commonly used variety is the Sweet Violet.

4. Calendula

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The flavor of these yellow and orange flowers ranges from tangy to spicy. These little blossoms are said to resemble saffron and the petals are sometimes sprinkled on top of pasta, rice, soups, and herb butters. I like to sprinkle the orange-ish ones on top of scrambled eggs. Calendula was traditionally used for relief of constipation and abdominal cramps.

3. Bachelor’s Button

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The miniature blossoms of this flower come in white, pink, red, and light blue. They have a sweet flavor that is also a bit spicy, sort of like cloves. They are mostly used as a garnish. I love the assortment of colors and like to let them float on the top of a bowl of soup.

2. Primrose

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The pale yellow flower of this plant, which is also known as Cowslip, has a semi-sweet flavor to it. Some people like to pickle the flower buds or cook them as a side dish for dinner in place of a vegetable. These little buds can also be fermented and made into wine.

1. Nasturtiums

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Brightly colored and a bit spicy, the blossom of the Nasturtium makes a great addition to a meal as a garnish on the side. The vibrant red, orange, and yellow blooms brighten up a platter of steak, a freshly broiled fish filet, or they can be sprinkled on top of a fresh salad.

I hope you get a chance to try some of these edible flowers. Even if you don’t end up growing them in your own garden, maybe you’ll at least be able to taste some of them. It’s hard to believe that these tiny little blossoms can be eaten. Have you ever had any type of edible flowers before? What were your favorites?

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